Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 Commodore OS Vision Released!

This is a truly historic and momentous day! The first OS by Commodore has been posted online as a free download. The release of Commodore OS Vision is a game changer, which will definitely be in the running with Android, iOS, and Windows 8.

A beta of OS Vision is ready for download. Here is the web page that has the Torrent Link:

While anyone can download/use, it has only been tested for the Commodore VIC and C64x product line(s).

The software included with OS Vision is E-mail and Chat, photos, office applications, internet, music and video, graphics, movie editing, games, programming (allowing you to program in BASIC, Java, C/C++, PHP, Perl, VB.NET, C#, Python and HTML) and much more.

Commodore USA states that:

Commodore OS Vision is a community driven Linux distribution for Commodore enthusiasts that is designed to unleash your creative potential and help you enjoy your computing experience to the fullest. Commodore computers were well known for their unique operating environments, so we seek to do the same, by providing a distinctive, attractive, advanced and fun operating system experience. Its look is inspired by the Commodore 64 and original Commodore Amiga Workbench user environments but with a modern spin, which includes many slick graphical effects which showcase the capabilities of our new Commodore machines.

The Commodore OS Vision project was created as an operating system option for Commodore enthusiasts purchasing Commodore USA computers. It is but the first step on the path to creating the ultimate Commodore experience for our customers. This retro-futuristic OS experience takes design cues in its appearance from classic Commodore and Amiga operating systems and evolves them further to create a distinctive and modern 21st century look which adds personality to our new Commodore machines. The selection of software included also has a retro slant which would be familiar to many Commodore fans, making them feel at home. It features the latest iteration of the classic Gnome 2.x user interface, which many prefer for its simplicity, stability and straight forward access to applications.

Commodore OS Vision stands on the shoulders of giants, with a lineage that traces back to fantastic linux operating system distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu and Mint, which you might also be interested in installing on our machines. Commodore OS Vision auto-installs a graphical operating system boot menu facilitating this further, making your new Commodore machine a technology tinkerers delight.

Watch the video teaser:

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog, and I hate to seem negative but to call this a game changer is a bit far fetched. This is a standard linux distro with a newly designed "Commodore" theme and a bunch of software already available.

There are literally hundreds of other OS projects (including Linux distros) that are more interesting.

And to compare this distro with a theme to Windows and Android? Huh-Are you serious????