Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention

The Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention was a great success with Commodore, Atari, Apple, CoCo, Amiga, Texas Instruments, and IBM enthusiasts converging together this weekend. "fill your day with 64K!" was a quote from the invite. After attending both days, 64K was in the agenda!

I also loved the Raspberry Pi setup, the 1950s UNIVAC and soviet-era computers.

The Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 7.0 was held in the same facility with ECCC. Stacks of Apple II's lined the wall, next to Atari ST's, Sun Workstations, and analog computers like the UNIVAC II (1958). I received a demo of the symbolics Mac ivory 2 computer (LISP) workstation. A motherboard was on display, running an OS called Symbolics Genera 8.3.

The original Lisp machines were implemented at MIT, with spinoffs as LMI (defunct) and Symbolics. Xerox (Dandylion, Dandytiger), Texas Instruments (TI Explorer).

The Portland Commodore Users Group attended with their Comet64 Internet Modem, starting at $49.99, the modem uses RS-232 to:

-Call Internet BBSes using your existing Terminal Programs
-Chat online
-Play online, multi-player games on CommodoreServer
-Use V-1541 with CommodoreServer to access disks/files remotely
-Compatible with other S2E software
More apps / games coming soon

Vendors from around the US and Canada attended, with new technology making these old computers fun to compute with.

There was classic games and consoles on sale along with new hardware and software.